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ahh i am so frustraited. i cant write this essay. i cant define my ethnic identity. i do not have one. but it is not turning our right. i am just white, and mabye that is why i dont see myself ethnically. but its not like i am ignorant. i am very aware of raceiasm in the past present and i know its gonna be here in the feuture. but still. i want to write on why race doesent exist for me. but i dont know how to do it without sounding like and idiot. and my ethnicity? we dont have traditions we dont even have a religion. this is hard. thios is dumb. i need to take my head out of the clouds. were not gonna live in a colorless world. i wonder if people say race in The Giver. remember that book from like 8th grade? only the little kid could see color. hmmmmmm
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