elleinad (foxyroxyjoe) wrote,

the government is being a bitch

i got a post card in the mail friday telling me that i may owe school 8$ more per unit(thanks to swartsnager-i dont care if i spelled your name right-for getting the budget in on time and telling me 2 weeks after classes have started!) so i go to the website and i owe school $88. now this may not sound like too much, certainly not much to the president or vice president, or kerry, or edwards or powell(i dont care if i spelled andy of your names right) but to me $88 bucks is a lot. especially since all my financial help for school has already been spent (not that i am bitter about Megan, she deserves my parents $ more than me, and not that they dont help, its just reality, twins are hard to send to college at the same time.)
so i am just wondering dear leaders, couldnt you find a different place to cut back. and no i am not talking about cutting out more arts from public schools, or closing more free clinics, where did you ge the money to advertise for your campaigns? where did you getthe money to buy yourself out of war and into an ivy league school? where did you get the money to blow up Iraq? cant we use some of that? cant we make another terminator aand give all the profits to amnesty international, or do you not have enough? i bet some ketchup profits would buy some teacher new classroom supplys.
so ill live having to pay 88 more $, ill just be pissed abut it for a week until i get my paycheck. but politicians im sure you could spare it, so..can i borrow some $? ACTUALLY can my buddie eddie borrow some(no waite, he dosent need to, you cut his major and he joined the army with no other options.) can my buddie Kyle borrow some? he really needs it, he had to drop out of USC because it cost too much, and can only afford one class a time at SMC. but i guess you like ignorance.
i dont want bush in the white house any more, i dont want kerry to win. i dont want to live in a country where we vote on the person who only sucks like 70% as opposed to 99%. i want a president who has some idea of what he is in charge of. they would know the war on drugs is useless, and the prison system is a joke. someone who values education(real, not bought!) and dosent want to kill the environment. i want someone ANYONE who knows war is HYPOCRITICAL! and USELESS! and RIDICULOUS! why did you attack us, what can we do better? FUCK!!!!!
now dont get me wrong, i am all for democracy, and i think we do have a wonderful country but its going to hell..fast.

*sorry for all the spelling mistakes, whatever*
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