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"so please forgive what i have done no you cant stay mad at the setting sun"..no lies just love..

i am so tired and stressed  but i am happier then i have ever been before. i am working hard for what i have, i am becomming much more independent from everyone, financhally and emotionally. the things surrounding me are mine, i earned them. songs dont remind me of feelings and make me miss people, they make me think of something in the past that added to who i am.  i feel clear. i feel ballanced.  mabye not dreaming so much is better, it makes me more realistic. i still feel young but not immature. people dont believe i am 18 once they talk to me. theres war in the middle east and the president of  Haiti  is gone and our president is an embarrasment to the word american, but i am content in knowing more history then him. and i am content in knowing that the people i love will change the world. weathr they become president or writers or journalists or ministers or just inspirations to eachother-i know you will make this place better, i dont think you can be alive and not. i am strong and i will make it.  for once believe in myself. i am going to bed now cuz if i dont get some sleep i will miss class tomorrow. goodnight my babes. lest hope that during the night the republicans ad the anti abortionists/anti-gays and pro war power/money hungry people get lost in the desert and live their happy lives out without causing destruction..
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